We started www.xctionbiz.com to bring the Stunt Community together. While I worked at a Talent Agency, I was able to meet many stunt performers that continually informed me how the Industry was very fractured, meaning that there was no 'process' similar to getting booked as an actor, for the stunt community. I took feedback from numerous producer's coordinators, and performers, and decided to launch XcitonBiz.com. Whether you are a producer, looking for a coordinator, a coordinator looking for performers, or a performer looking for access to decision makers as well as "live' productions for potential work opportunities, www.xctionbiz.com is the place for you. We humbly call our pricing, 'the best deal in the entire entertainment industry' as we have included many services, for less than what members are paying for, through other avenues. We are also committed to the industry, always taking apart in sponsoring softball teams, lanes at bowling events, giving away $100 gift-cards at Day in the Dirt, etc. If you have an industry event and want it promoted, or need assistance, email us at webmaster@xctionbiz.com and we'll get back to you.

I See My Picture But Can't Login?

Contact the Webmaster and request your user name and password.

Demo Reels

We now offer straight linking to your YouTube or Vimo demo reel. Simply input the URL to your reel within the appropriate box on your member profile dashboard and it will play through our system when anyone clicks on the video icon on your directory profile.

How Do I Change A Picture Or Reel

Go ahead and upload the new picture, the old one will be deleted automatically. Simply change the URL in the video box to switch to a new video.

How Does Bundling Work ?

This is a feature that allows Coordinators to assemble a selection of performers to submit to a Director and allow them to view your profile on XctionBiz with one simple click. By clicking "add to bundle" beneath a performer's picture, you add them to a collection of other profiles you have selected. You can then copy and paste the provided URL to an email, send it to someone and when they click on it, they will see your assembled performers.

How Can My Company Be Included On Your Resources Page? What Does It Cost?

Currently there is no cost for company listings on the resources page. If you wish to be included send an email to the webmaster and include your full company details. If approved you will be notified via email. Please be informed that the free option is only for a limited time and the resources page will then move to a paid placement model, rates to be determined.

Are Your Production Postings Current?

Please note that everything is done to assure the accuracy of our Continually Updated Live Job Postings- Prior to us posting a Live Job, one of our staff members has contacted production and confirmed the information we post. As thorough as we are, there will be (very few) times where we received incorrect information, or the specifics on projects were changed, or even canceled. Unfortunately this is unavoidable in this business that we love, but we are continually working with productions, producers and coordinators to give you the latest information on each project we post. We do have the best vetted production information around bar none!